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God Speaks – Hope

God Speaks - Hope

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Hope deferred has made your heart sick, my love. Embarrassment and shame has kept you locked away in the shadows; far from prying eyes, judging thoughts and loose tongues. I sought you out my darling. I saw you hiding there in the background. Away from the maddening crowd. You thought you could blend in, that no one would see you and for a long time, they didn’t. You caught my eye though. You captivated my heart. I reached down and drew you close to me. You are my beloved. Come with me, it’s time to venture out of this cold, dark place. Here, take my hand. Let me lead you. You belong in the light. Don’t shrink back my child. You’re safe here in my presence precious one. I am the great physician, your mighty God and the holy one who mends broken hearts. In my presence, your dreams are fulfilled. In this place of confident trust in me, your unspoken longings are met. In me, you are sustained, strengthened and sure. I will never leave you. I will not forsake you or abandon you. You are mine. In my presence is fullness of joy. Find your fill in me.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12

Ask God

Where have I been hiding?


Help me be brave today.

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